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Ever since its launch in February 2006, Indian Foreign Affairs Journal, a peer reviewed quarterly publication of the Association of Indian Diplomats has become an intellectually satisfying and analytically enriching forum for the examination of relevant but sensitive and complex issues of India’s foreign policy and relations. Such examination is undertaken by experienced decision makers, serious scholars and seasoned commentators.

The Journal remains true to its credo, publishing authors of widely divergent views, and at the same time, searching for unifying themes and principles in an era where these are especially hard to find. The Journal is thus filling a long-standing gap in the availability of insightful and credible.

Besides in-depth scholarly and policy-oriented articles, each issue of the Journal presents a Debate on one of the contemporary and contentious aspects of India’s foreign policy.

In addition, the Journal includes a special and unique section which brings out and preserves in  print, the hitherto unknown aspects of India’s diplomatic experience and policy initiative through its Oral History narrative, in the course of tête-à-tête with senior and highly experienced policy makers who have made decisive contributions in the evolution of the policy and its challenging issues. The Journal also reviews latest books on India’s foreign policy and its relations. Inevitably, articles published in Indian Foreign Affairs Journal shape the political dialogue for months and years to come.

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Indian Foreign Affairs Journal
Vol. 16, No. 3 - Jul - Sep 2021

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The Ukraine Crisis and Indo-Pacific Geopolitics
Sriparna Pathak

Emerging Political, Economic and Security Dynamics in Pakistan - Shalini Chawla

India-Israel Relations: Scaling Newer Heights
Alvite Ningthoujam

Evolving Shifts in Outer Space Geopolitics: Locating India’s Space Programme  - Anand V

India-Bangladesh Riparian Relations: Contextualizing Transboundary Ties - Chandan Kumar Sarma and Obja Borah Hazarika

Evolution of Indo-Japan Economic Ties:  Salience of the Indo-Pacific  - Urbi Das


6 December, 2022:  Ambassador Ajay Bisaria spoke on "Situation in Pakistan and India-Pak and India-Canada Relations".




Indian Foreign Affairs Journal
Vol. 16, No. 4 – Oct 2021
(Special Issue on India – Central Asia Relations)

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Connectivity in Central Asia: Implications for India
Asoke Mukerji

India and Central Asia: Need to Expand its Development Partnership Initiatives
P. Stobdan

India-Central Asia Summit 2022: From Symbol to Substance
Ramakrushna Pradhan

Geopolitics in Central Asia: Implications for India
B. K. Sharma

India and Central Asia Defence Cooperation: Challenges and Opportunities
Pravesh Kumar Gupta

India-Central Asia Relations: Growing Convergences
Debasis Bhattacharya

Geopolitical Dimension of India's Relations with Central Asia
Nalin Kumar Mohapatra

What Can India and Central Asia offer to Each Other?
Deepak Kumar


Delhi Declaration of the 1st India-Central Asia Summit
January 27, 2022

India-Central Asia Dialogue - 2nd meeting - Joint Statement
October 28, 2020




22 September 2022: Ambassador Rajiv Dogra presented and discussed his recent book “WARTIME: The World in Danger”




13 September 2022: Presentation of Ambassador Bimal Sanyal Memorial Prize and Medal(s) to graduating Officer Trainees of IFS 2021 Batch.




25 August 2022: Ambassador Yash Sinha spoke on "Sri Lankan situation and India".



16 February 2022: Ambassador Gurjit Singh spoke about India-Africa Relations and his recently published book 'The Harambee Factor'